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In liberty parrots do not know any ranking in their social group! Equality for all!

Therefore it lies in their character that they do not submit or obey. It is impossible to force them to accomplish any task because they only act if they want. Everything depends on their own will! An abused and shy parrot won’t show anything difficult by order.

For this reason there is an important difference between Mark Steiger’s parrot show, in which the parrots bring unusual achievements with joy, and some other animal shows in which the animals are forced to act against their own will!

Since Marks Steiger’s parrots perform their difficult intelligence tests and feats without any stress in front of public, they supply the proof that they do not suffer. They are luckier than birds that are only kept in cages! Regular training is favourable for an animal, which has been proven in many zoos.

Animal shows are to be forbidden, in which animals are degraded to objects (e.g. some magicians) or only work of fear of the trainer (e.g. bear that must drive a motorcycle). These animals hardly find pleasures in their activity. There are slaves! Mark Steiger’s parrots are artists!

Usually it is not the show, which is hard to stand for the animal, but the transportation in close cages from appearance to appearance. Mark Steiger presents his parrots almost exclusively between Cannes and Monte Carlo (less than 50 km of journey). They regain each day their used environment.

Private parties (weddings, birthdays, etc.)
Parrot Show Monaco


Photos birthday party : Alain DUPRAT
Spectacle anniversaire Birthday party Monaco
Mark Steiger Mark Steiger

Receptions, festivals, conventions

Prince Albert of Monaco, Carole and Mark Steiger

  SAS Prince Albert II, Mark Steiger's parrots Crowned Heads
SAS Prince Albert II, Mark Steiger's parrots SAS Prince Albert II, Mark Steiger's parrots
His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, tests personally Mark Steiger’s parrots (Reception for the Circus Festival 2006)
Monaco, June 7th, 2008



STIRING-WENDEL - Summerfestival 2013


Fotos: Alain MOHR

Mark Steiger

Parrot Show

Rognac Festivalis 2012

Mark Steiger, Festivalis Rognac 2012

Summerfestival (Festivalis Rognac 2012)

Photos: Corinne LUCCHINI, Rognac

Hotel Negresco, Nice

Negresco, Nice (France)


Hotel Le Negresco, Nice (France)
Le Negresco, Nice (mai 2019),

Educational and enlightening shows for children and adults
Menton Events


Casino Menton
Show for the Tourist Office Menton at the French Riviera in January 2018 (Photos by Agnès and Rémy Molinari)
Palais Saïssi, Blausasc    
Mother's day show at Blausasc, mai 2019 (photos Blausasc Town Hall, France)
Spectacle de perroquets aux Alpes-Maritimes


Mark Steiger

Show for Capoeira sports club, Nice

(association Berimbau, June 2018)


Spectacle de perroquets

May 1st, 2012

Mark Steiger

Dr. Alain Frère, vice-president of the General Council of AM and mayor of Tourrette-Levens announces Mark Steiger and his parrots


Mark Steiger

Open air parrot show (Castle of Tourrette-Levens, summers 2006 and 2007)


Spectacle de perroquets

Nice-Matin (Grasse, 11/12/2016)


Shopping mall, 12/23/2016




Eric Ciotti, Mark Steiger

Eric Ciotti (Member of the Parliament and Chairman of the General Council of AM, National Secretary in charge of security issues) with Smudge and Mark Steiger


Photo Ghislaine Bicini; Salon Vert Azur 2014, Levens


Mark Steiger

"Mark Steiger's amazing parrots "

Mark Steiger's macaws and cockatoos have amazed numerous audiences with their intelligence and skill.

VAR-MATIN (Fréjus - St. Raphaël) 12/31/2009


Mark Steiger

(Photo Nice-Matin, 08/24/2005)

Catalina macaw (puzzle)

Photo: Hyou Yves, Cagnes/Mer


Parrot show

Var-Matin (Port Fréjus) 12/29/2010


NICE-MATIN - 17/12/2012


St. Maur des Faussés (Paris), Garden Fair 2008


St. Maur des Faussés (Paris), Garden Fair 2008


Mark Steiger, Ruby (greenwing macaw)

Mark Steiger's eight beautiful parrots are able to perform many different tricks.


Spectacle dans maison de retraite/hôpital

NICE-MATIN (Vallées) 05/21/2010 Show in a hospital, sponsored by LIONS CLUB

"All children remained

speechless in front of the

parrots' performances"


(VAR-MATIN, August 4th, 2012)



NICE-MATIN, 06/16/2016

Maison de retraite

Show in a retirement home sponsored by "Les Veilleurs de Vie" of Breil-sur-Roya


Xmas shows, Hanucca

Mark Steiger's parrot shows for the children of Monaco inside the tron hall of the palace

(Xmas 2008)

SAS Prince Albert II, Mark Steiger's parrots

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, Sovereign Prince of Monaco, Mark Steiger and his parrots (tron hall, palace of Monaco)


3 Santas


NICE-MATIN - december 19th 2012


Christmas show

VAR-MATIN (Le Muy)12/21/2009


Music-hall, circus, theater, production show
Mark Steiger Mark Steiger

Mark Steiger

Sports hall




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